Letter to the editor: I’m tired of elected officials like Nancy Pelosi


I’m tired of elected officials like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff who are so full of themselves and high on power.

They forget they were sent to Congress to serve their constituents.

We have an opportunity to elect someone to Florida’s third congressional district who is running out of a sense of responsibility to serve and help improve our country.


Gavin Rollins is a servant-leader.

Born to missionaries, Gavin learned early on about the importance of serving his community. He is a veteran of the global war on terror, a Captain in the Florida National Guard, and taught U.S. History to the next generation.

Currently a Clay County Commissioner, Gavin was elected to the Keystone Heights City Council at the age of 23. I believe we need someone who understands the importance of serving the community. Gavin’s unique experience separates him from others.

That is why I support Gavin Rollins for Congress. On August 18th, I hope you will join me in voting for the person who will fight for us.

Karen Thompson