Food for students and families who otherwise would not eat


MARION COUNTY – To support this backpack nutrition program while campuses are closed, Marion County Public Schools encourages local residents to “share what they can” during a food drive scheduled on the Downtown Ocala Square next Wednesday, March 25, 7:30 A.M.-2 P.M.

Nearly 2,000 students and families benefit from backpacks filled with food taken home from school every weekend in Marion County.

Interfaith Emergency Services volunteers — in groups of 10 or less — will collect donations in drive-through style — donors can simply drive through the area and these volunteers will accept non-perishable food items from vehicles. Drivers will not need to park or exit their vehicles.

For more information, contact Interfaith Emergency Services in Ocala at 352.629.8868.

This program is sponsored by Interfaith Emergency Services.

The appropriate food donations are listed below.

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