Florida man dropped the ball, cut off “willy” of wife’s lover, sentenced

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Alex Bonilla

Florida — A Florida man who snipped off the penis of his wife’s lover has now been sentenced to prison.

According to court records, Alex Bonilla, 51, entered a plea deal on charges of Kidnapping to Inflict Bodily Harm, Burglary While Armed, Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, and Aggravated Assault with a Firearm.

Last week, a Gilchrist County Judge sentenced Bonilla to 20 years in prison and ordered him to pay $255,000 in restitution to the victim. Additionally, he was sentenced to 10 years probation.

According to reports, the victim was Bonilla’s neighbor.


Investigators said on the morning of July 14, 2019, Bonilla busted into the victim’s home armed with a gun and told the victim that if he resisted in any way he would be killed.

According to the arrest affidavit, Bonilla stated, “I came here to fix something.”

Bonilla then forced the victim into a bedroom and tied him up. While putting on a pair of gloves, Bonilla told the victim “this is normal, you will not die today.” Bonilla repeated himself,  “You won’t die, but you will remember this for the rest of your life.” Bonilla then put a rubber band around the base of the man’s penis, and while holding him at gunpoint, he used a dull pair of scissors to snip off his penis.

Right before Bonilla cut the victim, Bonilla stated, “This is for all the women you have been in a relationship with.”

The victim told investigators that it took a couple of tries before Bonilla was able to completely cut through his penis.

“I was shaking and in shock. I was trying to keep from throwing up,” stated the victim.

Bonilla then stole the man’s penis and ran across the street to his own home.

Two months prior to the incident, Bonilla had discovered that the victim had been sleeping with his 35-year-old wife after he came home and caught them in the act.

The victim said doctors told him that he will never have full function of his penis.

Investigators said a portion of the man’s appendage was never recovered.

Even more disturbing, police said that the victim’s daughter was peeking under the bedroom door and witnessed the entire incident.

Bonilla denied any wrongdoing. He told officials that he blacked out and does not remember the incident.

Bonilla has received huge support from the public and dozens of letters were sent to the judge asking for the court to be lenient with sentencing.

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