Family dog bit on face by rattlesnake


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Caesar [left] Photos courtesy of Mike Melody
Silver Springs, Florida — Imagine letting your pet outside to go to the bathroom, hearing a yelp, then finding your beloved family member motionless on the ground.

That is exactly what happened to Mike Melody of Silver Springs.

Melody, who has four inside dogs, let them outside around 4 p.m. on August 26, to do their business.


Melody said, “About 10 minutes later I heard a yelp and ran to see what had happened. To my horror, I saw my long-hair Dachshund, Caesar, lying on the ground.”

Melody told Ocala Post that he ran over, and his heart sank when he saw two puncture wounds on the dog’s nose.

“I picked him up and took him inside,” Melody said. “When I went back outside I saw a pygmy rattlesnake and I panicked. I knew my dog was in trouble. I used a machete to kill the nasty [snake].”

Moments later Melody returned to Caesar’s aid, but he could hardly recognize him. In a matter of minutes, the dog’s face had already begun to swell.

“I immediately drove, or should I say sped, Caesar to Magnolia Animal Hospital,” Melody said.

According to the paperwork from Magnolia Animal Hospital, Caesar was treated with anti-venom. The anti-venom cost Melody $840.00, but he didn’t care as long as his beloved pet would be okay. However, he was thankful that only one vial was needed to treat Caesar.

Caesar was then taken to UF emergency hospital for observation.

Between both hospital visits, the bill totaled $1,400.

For many, this is a small price to pay to save a family pet, whom many consider family members.

Melody said that the veterinarian told him that because of the abundance of rain Ocala has experienced, that snakes are looking for higher and dry ground.

Melody said that in the future, he will always go outside with his dogs.

Caesar is expected to make a full recovery.