Deputy performed successful pit maneuver during chase



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Jerome Lamont Hill [Mugshot]
Ocala, Florida — A man has been released from jail after he was arrested following a high speed chase.

On January 17, 2014 Deputy Porcelli was running radar in the 12500 block of East Highway 40 when he saw a vehicle heading westbound traveling at a high rate of speed. The posted speed limit on that section of road is 55 MPH. Deputy Porcelli activated his radar and it registered the moving vehicle at 70 MPH.

Deputy Porcelli turned his patrol car around, activated his emergency lights, and attempted to initiate a traffic stop on said vehicle.


After Deputy Porcelli stopped the vehicle and exited his patrol car, the stopped vehicle drove off at a high rate of speed. Deputy Porcelli returned to his patrol vehicle and began pursuit of the fleeing vehicle with lights and siren blazing.

During the chase the driver of the fleeing vehicle dangerously began to pass other vehicles on the roadway. Deputy Porcelli reached a maximum speed of 120 MPH, but the fleeing vehicle continued to pull away.

According to reports, it wasn’t until the fleeing vehicle cleared the Ocklawaha Bridge then slowed down to approximately 70 MPH that Deputy Porcelli was able to gain some ground on the vehicle.

Deputy Porcelli waited for all traffic to clear and once the vehicle had slowed to a safe speed, Deputy Porcelli performed a successful Pit Maneuver on said vehicle, according to reports. By this time Deputy Hunt had caught up to Deputy Porcelli.

According to reports, both Deputies exited their patrol cars and ran up to the vehicle as it continued to roll backwards. Deputies said there was a black male in the front passenger seat, a black female in the rear passenger seat behind the front passenger, and a black male in the rear passenger seat behind the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat was empty.

After several verbal commands with no response from the suspects, deputy Porcelli was forced to use his baton and break out the driver’s side windows of the vehicle. Deputy Hunt then put the car in park to prevent it from rolling backwards.

After the vehicle and passengers were secured, the female passenger told deputies that during the Pit Maneuver the Driver, Identified as Jerome Hill, 32, jumped into the back seat. Video play back confirmed the passengers story as you can see the man with the Yellow shirt appear in the back seat during the Pit Maneuver.

The front seat passenger refused to answer any questions.

Deputies found a plastic baggie containing Methamphetamine and a white pill, and a plastic baggie containing Marijuana. The drugs were found in the exact location where Deputy Porcelli initiated the Pit Maneuver.

It was determined that Hill did not have a valid driver’s license. Records show that Hill has had his license suspended 11 times, and has several unpaid fines.

Hill complained of neck and back pain during his arrest, he was taken to MRMC where he was cleared with no injuries.

Hill was transported to the Marion County Jail, but was released after posting a $10,500 bond.