Cole Decker Released After Posting A $75,000 Bond



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Cole Decker [Mugshot]
Marion County — Marion County residents beware of a dangerous sex offender who was released from the Marion County Jail on bond at 11:49 a.m. on Thursday, November 7, 2013.

Cole Stephen Decker, 19, as of October 30, 2013, was being held on one count of Capital Sexual Battery on a Child under 12 Years Old and one count of Lewd or Lascivious Exhibition but has since been released after posting a 75,000 bond.

Decker was arrested after Deputy Rawls with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home in Ocala regarding a sex offense complaint, according to reports.


The reportee told Deputy Rawls that after having a talk with his 11-year-old step son, he learned that between the dates of August 1, 2013 and October 22, 2013, Decker had molested the 11-year-old boy on more than one occasion.

The victim was taken to Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection for an interview with investigators. According to reports, during the interview, the victim stated the first incident took place in August 2013, while he and his 10-year-old cousin were staying overnight at the home of their grandparents located in Belleview. The grandparents were not home when the assault took place, according to authorities.

The victim told investigators that Decker lured the 2 boys into a bedroom of the residence and said, “Hey, I wanna show you something.” Both boys went into the bedroom, which was used by Decker, according to reports. The victim stated that once they were all inside the bedroom, Decker produced a “fake vagina” masturbation device and showed it to both boys. According to reports, Decker then sexually aroused himself and then masturbated with the device to the point of ejaculation. The victim told authorities that this was done in he and his cousin’s presence.

The victim stated that after Decker was done, he gave the device to the 11-year-old boy and encouraged him to use it to masturbate. The boy told investigators that he did indeed use the device and that it “felt good”. According to reports, the device was then offered to the 10-year-old boy who declined to participate in any sexual acts.

Decker then took the boys outside to play for while after the masturbation incident, according to reports. When it began to get dark outside the three went inside to get washed up. The victim stated the he got in the bath while his 10-year-old cousin got into the shower of the same bathroom. Reports say, Decker entered the bathroom a short time later and got into the bath tub with the victim. The victim told investigators that once in the tub, Decker leaned forward and placed his penis in the boy’s mouth and placed his hand on the boys penis and went up and down.

According to reports, the victim stated that on another occasion in October 2013, Decker was at the boy’s house playing video games with him and Decker began to “tickle” the victim lightly on his genital area. The victim stated that later Decker taught him how to masturbate. The victim stated that Decker told him to make a circle with his hands and they lay in a bed and masturbated. The boy advised that Decker went up and down on his penis until he ejaculated.

On October 30, 2013, authorities made contact with Decker in an attempt to interview him. According to reports, Decker stated that he did not want to speak about the investigation and requested a lawyer. Decker was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail.

It is unclear as to who paid the bond for Decker to be released from jail. His next court date is scheduled for December 3, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.

If convicted, Decker could possibly be facing life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Florida Supreme Court ruled in 1977 that the death penalty can only be imposed if a Capital Felony causes the death of another.