Business owner runs off backseat lovers


The owner of Team Bulldog Garage, Nmar Perez, said on Thursday that she and a tow truck driver had to run off two people who were “getting it on” in the backseat of a vehicle.

The owner, who also lives on the property, said that two vehicles pulled up in the parking lot of her business, one driven by a male and the other a female.

She said the female got out of her truck and entered the other vehicle.

Perez said it was after hours and she was home alone with her children because her husband is a U.S Marine and is currently deployed with The National Gaurd due to COVID-19.

“I didn’t know who they were. It was weird. I finished putting away my four-wheeler and went into my house to retrieve my handgun. By the time I came back, I could not believe my eyes…they were already in the backseat getting it on,” said Perez.

She said it was at that time a business colleague pulled up in a tow truck and she told him what was happening.

She said they told the two individuals, “You are on private property. You have five minutes to pull up your pants and get out of here.”

Perez said they drove off and did not give any further problems.

With laughter, Perez said, “This is not social distancing.”

She said she did not feel it was necessary to call the police.