Automax accused of kicking potential buyer off lot because he was not buying at that moment


[Last updated on February 12, 2021, at 9:25 a.m.]

An Ocala man, identified as Adam, says he is angry at how Automax treated his friend while he was on the lot browsing for a new Dodge Ram.

Adam stated that his friend “speaks broken English” and was approached by an Automax employee who goes by “Ace” and asked if he needed help. The man stated, “It’s okay, I’m just looking. I don’t need help right now, thank you.”

Ace then allegedly instructed the man to leave the property since he didn’t plan to purchase a vehicle at that moment.

The man who was looking at vehicles then replied, “Yes, but I’m just looking right now.”

Adam said Ace then told his friend in a hostile manner that he could browse online.

Adam said that he was concerned and went to Automax to confront Ace. Adam had his cellphone in his pocket and captured the interaction on camera.

Ace, who identified himself as a manager, did not deny asking the man to leave and kept asking Adam where he was parked. Ace also threatened to call the police.

When Adam asked for the general manager, Ace told him that the general manager was not in.

Adam then told Ace he would contact corporate and left area.

This is not the first time in recent months Ocala Post has been contacted and that there have been online complaints about staff being rude at Automax.

It should be noted that Adam is also employed by another dealership in Ocala.

A request for comment was not returned.


Ocala Post is awaiting a response from Automax after they reached out Friday.

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