AGM Roofing & Tree Service says they are hiring, but are tired of lame excuses


AGM Roofing & Tree Service says they are looking for serious workers who want a good paying, real job.

The owner, Tommy Lea, said previous employees never want to show up. He said they want to get paid but don’t want to do the work.

He said these are the excuses he gets most frequently as to why an employee cannot show up for work:

  • I stayed up late playing video games
  • I have a flat tire (once a week)
  • I have the Flu (every month)
  • I have to take my mom to the doctor

The company said they need experienced roofing crews in Ocala and it’s top pay. The job is for shingles and metal mostly.

“If you have problems showing up late every day please don’t waste our time,” Lea said.

This is a real job! Contact me if you are interested at 352-207-3599.