A woman plans to sue Gorilla Glue company after she foolishly used it as hair product


We can’t make this stuff up. Thankfully, the headline did not start with “Florida Woman.”

Tessica Brown, who lives in New Orleans, says she was headed out for a night out in January when she ran out of hair product.

So what did she do? Brown said she grabbed a can of Gorilla Glue adhesive spray from the top of her refrigerator and put it in her hair to hold it in place for the night.

She later found out that she could not wash the adhesive from her hair.


Brown went to a local hospital to try and have the glue removed, but the hospital personnel was not successful.

Her hair has been stuck for a month and she has been having migraine headaches. Brown said she eventually had to cut off her ponytail to get some relief.

Brown posted a video online and a spokesperson for Gorilla Glue reached out to her via Twitter.

They told her that they were sorry to hear of her incident and that they did not recommend using the spray adhesive as a hair product because it is meant to be more permanent. They told her to try warm soapy water and alcohol, but nothing worked.

Brown created a GoFundme page to try and cover medical expenses and she has reportedly raised more than $18,000.

Recently, a Beverly Hills surgeon reached out to Brown and offered to help her for free. She is scheduled to meet with the surgeon this week.

Many have accused Brown of intentionally putting the product in her hair to create a situation in which she could potentially have a financial gain as well as increasing her social media followers.

Consequently, the sales for Gorilla Glue have increased.