9/11 – 14 years later


[Last updated on September 11, 2015, at 9:35 p.m.]

On Friday, September 11, 2015, 14 years after the Twin Towers fell in 2001, Marion County firefighters showed that they have not forgotten.

MCFR firefighters and students started the day at the Florida State Fire College in Lowell, Florida.


They showed their support by running up and down the stairs at the smoke tower. Firefighters, fire students, and family members climbed the stairs 22 times.

Why 22 times? That number represents the height of the Twin Towers and the distance firefighters had to endure on that tragic day.

In addition to the stair climb, MCFR Honor Guard and Engine 20 were at the FDNY 343 Club Service at St. Mark’s Catholic Church 9/11 Memorial Service. The FDNY 343 Club sponsored the service.

Crews from MCFR Summerfield Station 30 were honored at the Del Webb Spruce Creek 9/11 Ceremony this morning. Ladder 30 had the honor of hoisting an American flag that had flown in an F-15 Fighter Jet during a combat mission in Iraq.

On September 8, 2015, the names of 21 members who died of illnesses related to their work in the rescue and recovery effort during and after September 11th were added to the World Trade Center Memorial Wall at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn. A total of 110 FDNY members are now listed on the World Trade Center Memorial Wall, which was unveiled in September 2011.

Today, more than 10,000 members of the FDNY World Trade Center Health Program are battling illnesses that are a direct result of their heroic work in the rescue and recovery effort at the World Trade Center.

Along with photos provided by MCFR, Ocala Post chose to include a very powerful video that most media refuse to show. Most refuse to show it for fear of offending Muslims. Others fear that it would spark up the anger felt after the initial grief from that day subsided.

To not show some of the footage in this video is a sign of political correctness: something Ocala Post has never been accused of.

On that day, every American stood united, regardless of color, sex, religious beliefs, race, social status, circumstance, or environment.

Americans vowed never to be defeated.

The video is a reminder, not just for those who vividly remember that horrible day in 2001, but also for the younger generations.

Ocala Post staff will never forget.

[WARNING: If you are easily offended, or easily become emotionally disturbed, you are advised not to watch this video]