12-year-old arrested for aggravated animal cruelty

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Christopher Alveraz-Murillo

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 12-year-old boy after he tied a dog to a tree and tortured it.

Christopher Alveraz-Murillo has been charged with one count of Aggravated Animal Cruelty.

According to a press release, while repairing a broken water pipe on February 24, a witness asked Alveraz-Murillo where ‘Tiny’, the dog, was.

Alveraz-Murillo allegedly told the witness that Tiny was tied up in the backyard.


The witness then told Alveraz-Murillo to show him where Tiny was tied up.

According to officials, twice Alveraz-Murillo attempted to run to the dog’s location in an attempt to beat the witness there, but the witness forced Alveraz-Murillowait for him.

When the witness approached, he found Tiny unconscious, a rope around his neck, and blood on his face.

Alveraz-Murillo’s mother turned her son into Animal Control and Social Services after she learned that he had beat a dog with a steel pipe. Animal Control then contacted MCSO.

When Deputy Coleman made contact with Alveraz-Murillo, he stated that he had tied Tiny to a tree in the backyard with a rope and began to discipline him by hitting Tiny with his hands and a stick. Additionally, Alveraz-Murillo said he struck Tiny with two silver metal pipes.

Alveraz-Murillo stated that he hit Tiny a total of 10 times in the face and body. Alveraz-Murillo told the deputy: “I think I took it a little too far.”

Alveraz-Murillo was arrested and transported to the Marion County Department of Juvenile Justice.

The dog is being evaluated by Animal Services and is expected to recover.