Ocala man sexually abused girl for 10 years


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Joseph T. Baker

Ocala, Florida — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested an Ocala man and charged him with six (6) counts of Sexual Assault by a Custodian on a 15-year-old Female.

According to investigators, the victim had been sexually abused since the age of four (4).

On Monday, Deputy Marques responded to Northwest 3rd Place, Ocala, after the victim’s mother reported that her daughter had asked for a pregnancy test.

After speaking with the victim, the deputy learned that Joseph Timothy Baker, 41, had been sexually abusing the 15-year-old for the past 10 years.

The victim said that when she was four (4), Baker put her on the bed, put his hands inside her pants, and digitally penetrated her. She said that afterwards, Baker told her that it was their secret.

According to reports, Baker performed oral sex on the victim and also forced her to perform oral sex on him.

The victim said that during one encounter, Baker pulled down her pants and attempted to have sex with her. She said she pulled up her pants and ran off crying. Baker then approached her and asked, “Did I hurt you?” Baker then asked, “You know I love you, right?”

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim’s mother was not home during the sexual encounters.

The victim said that Baker would often buy her gifts and give her candy.

During questioning, Baker demanded an attorney.

Baker was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail.

He is being held without bond.

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  • Huskyrider

    Where is Dexter when we need him? This P.O.S. needs to go down permanently. I pray this young girl gets the help she will need to recover from this abuse.

  • Randy Morris

    Glad this poor child finally got her secret exposed after ten year of abuse. Can anyone imagine this child is fifteen year old and has been sexually abused for the lat 2/3’s of her life!

    The problem is, the establishment government won’t do anything with him – follow State Attorney Brad King and the fifth “circus” judge’s history of handling sex offenders – may rapists especially over in Lake County have they charges
    immediately dropped by the judges! In Lake County the present Sheriff Gary Borders and his friends at Bridges of
    America [Dennis Baxley took an award from them and then could not believe so many sexual violator’s were being turned lose un the Jimmy Ryce Law.] in conjunction with Donald S. Brown and partner Mel Sembler (founder of Straight, Inc. the nations largest group of child abusers) operated a child abuse haven in south Lake County for over twenty-years called The Green isle Ranch. During those twenty plus year Green
    Isle was the scene of untold numbers of child rapes – not one person was ever arrested or jailed for raping a child at this facility in all those years. A nine year old boy was repeatedly raped in Oct and Dec of 2000 – the sheriff’s office
    took reports and filed them away in a drawer. The victim’s parents sued and the suit was assigned to fifth circuit Judge William Law whose wife Julia was the Green Isle attorney of record. Judge Law traveled to Sumter County to hear a
    domestic violence case between the victim’s parents; then returned to his Lake courtroom and settled the case in favor of his wife’s employer – Green Isle. In a matter of days the Lake Sheriff’s Office found the rape case report in the bottom of a Captain’s drawer and he marked it “case closed – statute of limitations has expired!” On November 21, 2009 five
    little boys ages under 12 to 15 years old per LCSO Case # 09 191988 – reported to the Green Isle Administrator that they had been brutally sexually abused by an older student named Tyler Anthony Jackson from June until early November when
    he left the ranch. A sheriff’s deputy responded and took a report. Again that report was not followed up on. The victims remained at Green Isle with new house parents and by Feb. 1, 2010 two of the victims had tried to commit suicide.
    The new house parents tried unsuccessfully to get Green Isle management to do something for these victims; they refused and one Feb. 3, 2010 the house parents become whistle blowers was on every major Orlando TV station telling
    the world about the little boys at Green Isle who had been grossly raped months before and nothing had been done for them! The next morning Lake Sheriff Borders had detectives drag [09 191988} out of the drawer and the report states
    on the morning of this date two detective teams traveled to Citrus County and interviewed [that should have been “interrogated”] Jackson – according to the report – one team
    at his school and the other at his home! Later that day a threatening letter from an attorney representing Bridges of America was delivered by carrier to the whistle blowers residence – stating in essence “if you don’t stop communicating
    with the media and telling the truth we are going to sue you!” Later the FDLE would release their report [EI-73-8512-Serial:189] they claim to have obtained a copy of [09 191988] and concluded “the juvenile” named in the report was
    arrested on Feb. 9, 2010 and charged with 4 Cts of sexual Battery; 1 Ct of Lewd & Lascivious Molestation and 1 Ct of Battery Touch or Strike. The report goes on to say on May 20, 2010; the juvenile pled no contest to these charges
    and was sentenced at a later date to community control. But, Citrus County Sheriff’s reports and court records prove Tyler Anthony Jackson was continuing his acts of violence on other people which goes to prove two things; he was not on
    community control and he was not registered as a sex offender as required by Florida and Federal Law [The Adam Walsh Law] In November 2014 Jackson announced he had gone to work at the Center’s in Ocala as Administrative Assistant – A criminal
    history search as required by DCF law for those who work around children was performed –FDLE reported they found no criminal history on file- Lake, Citrus and Marion County Sheriff’s have no records of Jackson even though he was supposed to have been arrested on five felonies which makes everything about a juvenile public information! Both Citrus and Marion Counties should have had a record of him being a registered sex offender in their counties since he live d in Citrus and
    worked and attended school in Marion – So here his is working with children – if and why he commits his next rape or even worse who is going to be responsible for protecting and leaving this known violent rapist on the streets to commit more acts of violence?

    Maybe the Ocala Post can send someone over to The Center’s to check out the validity of this unregistered sex offender working at the place. They tried to do the right thing. It appears they hired him and put him to work before they ran the
    criminal history, but even so he come back clean. Child Abuse advocates provided them with the documentation to prove Jackson was protected not only by the fifth circuit of Florida, but the FDLE and Governor Scott also lied and covered
    up the crimes of the cover ups of the rapes of five little boys at the Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont, Florida.

    The last thing we need is another murdered child and another worthless law like Jessica’s Law that is not even enforced in Citrus County Florida the very county in which she was raped and buried alive and the Jimmy Ryce Law and the Adam Walsh Law which was obviously ignored or Jackson would have been a registered sex offender! If there was any honesty in the “just us” system the fact that Florida protected Jackson and did not register him is just cause for the Federal government to withhold federal funds concerning this matter.

    • Valisa Baker

      You Have that right. He was arested 20 years ago for doing the same thing to his at the time 4 year old Neice and 3 year old Nephew. It only happend 1 time to them . I know this because I am the mom of the 2 kids he did it to back then. He got out with less than 30 days, because my kids were so little that they were to scard to be put on the stand and him be right there in the same room looking right at them. Florida law is any acused has the right to confront there acuser. Florida needs to pass a law that under a certain age they should be able to video there testimony to the police, and use that. The crimanals have all the rights and the victams have none. I fought all I could. I even told the courts if they let him out he will do it again, and it would be on them. The cops that came to my call about him where beyond pissed that they werent even aloud to testify as to what the kids told them. that it was hear say. Even officers of the law are told they cant use what they are told because they might be lying. My kids and I moved to New England a Year and a half after this happend. I wanted them far away from him with no chance of running into him. This useless piece of shit waste of space needs to be there for life, AT THE LEAST. I would love for myself and the mom of this girl to be able to casterate him and then just lie there and bleed to death. He has no place on this earth. I know some of you may think im being harsh, but till have to deal with your own innocent children going through something like this then youll see really its letting him off easy. But like it was posted at the beginning of the post im commenting on. He will be out to do it again. I so hope not, But I really think hell get off.

      • Randy Morris


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