Dennis McFatten and Billy Woods face off in race for Marion County sheriff

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[Left to to right] 26 year Ocala police veteran Lieutenant Billy Woods (R) and Dennis McFatten (D)
Marion County — Retired MCSO captain Dennis McFatten (D) and 26 year Ocala police veteran Lieutenant Billy Woods (R) will face off for sheriff in the 2016 election.

Earlier this month, Ocala Post asked McFatten and Woods tough questions, which readers wanted to know the answers to.

Even though the questions were important to voters, McFatten chose not to respond.

Woods, however, answered every question.

Now, come November, voters will have to decide who is better qualified to be the next sheriff of Marion County.

Woods, who did not come up in the ranks at the sheriff’s office, said, “It is time for an infusion of new ideas, eliminating the internal politics, and supporting the men and women at the Sheriff’s Office who are on the front lines serving our community.”

Still no word from McFatten.

You can read Woods’ answers here.

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  • bulldog68

    I would never vote for McFatten. He is counting on the black vote. Just look at the comments on his pages. And he refuses to answer questions. Yeah, Billy Woods all the way.

  • larry1952

    This article implies that because Dennis McFatten didn’t answer some questionnaire formulated by this obscure internet site that he is somehow unfit to be sheriff of Marion County. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Shame on you, Ocala Post. This article is disgusting!

    • Bulldog68

      Those questions were sent to Ocala Post by the readers, like myself. I also emailed Mcfatten through his website and he never answers. If he is not capable of answering his voters then he is not capable of being Sheriff. At least when I wrote the other ones they wrote back. So saying this article is disgusting is your opinion but I say the voters want answers and him not being willing to answer does not make him look good.

      • Ms Betty

        I wrote to Dennis on his Facebook page and he quickly responded to me and answered my questions. I’m voting for Dennis.

    • Mommyof3

      I asked questions as well. I am a big suppoter of gun rights and not a fan of police running the media. Those are things that NEED to be answered. He is not willing to, why? And I take it very personally that you say this article is disgusting because by you saying so you are saying that the voters don’t matter. He must be a huge McFadden fan or a Democrat to come out here and try to call out a news source for telling the truth. So far this is the only news source that I have seen that the other politicians and other Commissioners in this town don’t have in their pocket have you noticed that Ocala Post is the only one that reports the negative things and some of these people. Get your head out of your ass.

      • Ms Betty

        Try going to the horses mouth instead of waiting for someone else opinion and I’m not just talking about the sheriffs election. All politicians have sites you can go to to ask your questions and they will answer. Stop depending on other people to do your work unless of course, if you’re a follower. Then that alone is a problem.

    • Bigbaird72

      You are joking right? You dont think i have the right to know as a taxpayer? If you don’t you should not be voting because clearly it’s too much for you to handle.

    • tomfromocala

      As a public servant this is the only news site other than maybe Channel 9 that I’ve seen that has been on top of the corruption in this town. I think you better do your homework a little bit better. Star banner has connections to lots of people in town especially politicians that’s a new site that cannot be trusted. Kathy Bryant doesn’t like being called a lawbreaker but Kathy Bryant is a law-breaker as are the rest of her pals on the commission. The question that were asked are important to many of us. He has not answered any. Mcfatten avoids them, so you do the math friend.

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    Another Democrat being open and honest with their answers…..hahahaha never happen…Vote for Woods..

  • Ocala native

    My biggest question is what is he going to do about his retirement pay? Since he’s not answering my guess is he will double dip, at least Dean said he would include his retirement pay into the total annual salary the sheriff receives.

    • tomfromocala

      Yes, exactly.

    • Darren

      Dean is a crooooook

      • Ocala native

        Wow you write all that by yourself?

  • RepublicansAreGreedyRacists

    McFatten can’t even run his campaign well, there’s no way he can run the whole sheriffs office. Billy Woods is our only hope.