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    Election night coverage streaming live. (View election results for Marion County as well as the entire U.S.below.) U.S Election (Marion results below U.S. results)
    Last week, CNN's Chris Cuomo told viewers it was illegal to read Hillary Clinton's e-mails leaked by the website, WikiLeaks. Cuomo also alleged that the rules are somehow different for the media. Two claims which are completely false. "Leaked" documents obtained...
    Marion County -- Retired MCSO captain Dennis McFatten (D) and 26 year Ocala police veteran Lieutenant Billy Woods (R) will face off for sheriff in the 2016 election. Earlier this month, Ocala Post asked McFatten and Woods tough questions, which readers...
      Tallahassee, Florida -- In accordance with state law, the Attorney General’s Office on October 24, 2013, petitioned the Florida Supreme Court for an advisory opinion on the validity of a proposed constitutional amendment regarding medical marijuana. Florida law...