Woman severed tip of man’s thumb, charged with aggravated battery

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Michelle DeLuca

Marion County, Florida — An argument between a husband and wife ended with a 911 call and the tip of the man’s thumb in a plastic baggie.

When a deputy and medics arrived at the residence, they were greeted by a man holding a plastic baggie and the tip of his thumb was inside.

The man asked, “Can that be put back on?”

While being questioned at the hospital, the victim said he had gone to dinner with Michelle DeLuca, 54, but decided he wanted to leave the restaurant because she was intoxicated and in a bad mood.


The pair had driven separate vehicles to the restaurant and DeLuca wanted a ride home because she was intoxicated. However, the man told authorities that he had been in another incident where DeLuca was drunk and almost caused an accident when she grabbed the steering wheel of his vehicle while he was driving. Therefore, the man said he left DeLuca at the restaurant and drove home.

A short time later, DeLuca knocked on his door and he let her in.

The victim stated that they began to argue and DeLecua was screaming vulgarities in his face. The victim said he walked away, but she continued to pursue him and get up in his face while screaming at him.

At one point during the argument, DeLuca ran into her bedroom and toward a closet where the victim believes she was hiding two guns that she had stolen from him.

According to reports, the victim told deputies DeLuca had once stated that if she shot him it would be justified.

The victim said he tried to open the closet door to see if she had the weapons because he feared for his life. He said it was at that time DeLuca ran toward the closet “like a football player,” and while his hand was in the doorjamb, she slammed it shut.

The tip of the man’s thumb then fell on the floor.

The victim told deputies that DeLuca knew his hand was in the way and that, she slammed the door shut on purpose. He said she was smug about it and did not show any remorse.

He said DeLuca often gets belligerent and violent when she drinks.

When questioned, DeLuca said there was an argument but denied screaming at the victim.

She claimed it was the bedroom door she slammed shut because she did not want the victim to see her naked. She said she did not know his hand was in the doorjamb and did not mean to hurt him.

When asked why she ran toward the closet, she stated, “It was to get pajamas.”

Evidence collected at the scene corroborated the victim’s story. There was also blood on the floor near the closet doorjamb.

DeLuca was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery on a Person 65 or Older.

She was released on her own recognizance.

A domestic violence injunction has been filed against DeLuca. She is also in the middle of an ongoing auto negligence case.

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