Unbeweavable’ situation at Orlando beauty store


Orlando, Florida — Orlando Police said people were lined up as early as 2 a.m. for a grand opening to try and get their hands on hair extensions and weaves at Beauty Exchange on North Pine Hills Road.

According to the Orlando Police Department, officers had to pepper spray the crowd because they were pushing, shoving, and completely out of control. Police said no one was injured by the pepper spray because it was sprayed up into the air.


Police said the crowd was told multiple times to stand back and compose themselves, but they wouldn’t listen and, eventually a pregnant woman was pushed to the ground.

The black community says Orlando Police went too far. However, other local business owners said the crowd of people were acting uncivilized and believe police were proactive in stopping a potential riot over weaves.

“The officers attempted to gain control of the crowd and restore order, however, they were unsuccessful, therefore they sprayed over the heads of the crowd to gain control,” said Orlando Public Information Officer, Terrethe Gordon.

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