“Unarmed” man stabbed tourist

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Jonathan Crenshaw, 46

A Miami man with no arms has been charged with stabbing a Chicago tourist with scissors.

Jonathan Crenshaw, 46, told Miami Beach police that he used his feet to hold the scissors to stab Cesar Coronado, 22, who was visiting from Chicago.

Crenshaw stated that he was lying down just after midnight Tuesday when Coronado came by and kicked and punched him in the head.

Crenshaw then allegedly picked up a pair of scissors with his foot and stabbed Coronado twice.


When questioned, Coronado said he and his friend had stopped to ask Crenshaw for directions when he suddenly stabbed Coronado in the arm.

According to the arrest affidavit, Crenshaw stabbed Coronado twice, put the scissors back into his waistband using his foot, and quickly fled the scene.

Coronado was taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center and treated for his injuries.

Crenshaw was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery and is being held at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $7,500 bond.

Law enforcement officials said that Crenshaw, who is homeless, has a history of violence.

Locals say Crenshaw is well-known for his artistic abilities by using his feet.

Coronado denied striking Crenshaw.