Two Teens Kill Australian Baseball Player Christopher Lane For Sport

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Mugshots Of The Accused Murderers

A senseless murder leaves a girlfriend, family , and friends searching for answers.





Three teens ,two black males, Edward James- 15-years-old, Chancey Luna- 16-years-old, and white male Michael Jones- 17-years-old (who some say may or may not be a mixed race) shot and killed white Australian baseball player Christopher Lane for sport. A bright and upcoming star that did not deserve to die. The teens claim they were bored and wanted to kill somebody. They hunted down Christopher Lane like an animal, shot him in the back, and left him for dead in the middle of the street. Prior to murdering Lane the trio admitted to having just killed an animal and said they had plan to kill again after killing Lane.

Christopher Lane’s girlfriend, Sarah Harper is devastated.

“He didn’t deserve any of this,” Lane’s girlfriend, Sarah Harper, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “It’s heartbreaking that it was such a random choice those guys made that drastically altered so many lives in the process.” “This is unbearable.”

Lane’s Father said, “There’s not going to be any good come out of this because it was just so senseless. There wasn’t anything he did or could have done. He was an athlete going for a jog, like he would do five or six days a week in terms of his training schedule.”

“It’s happened. It’s wrong and we just try and deal with it the best we can.”

Police Chief Dan Ford has said, “the boys had the simplest of motives — overcoming a boring end to their summer vacation. Ford said in a variety of interviews that the 17-year-old had told officers that they were bored and killed Lane for [the fun of it].”

Facebook photos of the teens paint the perfect picture of wanna’be gang members. One picture even showing off a semi-auto hand gun while showing a gang sign with his hand. It is unclear if it is the weapon used to kill Christopher Lane.

Other messages written by the teens on Facebook and Twiiter have been called pure hatred. Messages like, “Kill all white people” and “White people stink.” According to authorities, they plan to comb through the teens accounts as part of their investigation.

One resident said, “What are the parents doing while their teens are running the streets, posting photos on Facebook with guns, and throwing up gang signs? Do the parents not check their kids Facebook pages?” These questions are on the minds of many Oklahoma residents as well as on the mind of the family of Christopher Lane.

Christopher Lane Ocala Post
Facebook Gun Photo

Chancey Luna’s Mom said, “My son is a good child, he didn’t do this, he isn’t capable of murder.”

It is rumored that at least two of the teens have prior criminal records. However the fact that they are juveniles makes the records unavailable and may even be sealed.

Chancey Luna-16-years-old and Edward James-15-years old will be charged with first degree murder and held without bond. Michael Jones-17-years-old is being held without bond pending his charges according to his role in the murder. Although he said in open court “I pulled the trigger” he was told by the judge to remain quiet at that time.

Christopher Lane and his girlfriend had just returned from a vacation in Australia. Lane was in Duncan, Oklahoma visiting Harper, his longtime girlfriend. Lane is from Melbourne, Australia but came to Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship after giving up his football career in Australia.

His old team in Australia will play their upcoming game in Lanes memory in order to raise money for the family.

This senseless murder leaves a girlfriend, family , and friends on two continents asking the question, why?

Christopher Lane was just 22-years-old.

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