To the Editor: Wild Waters taking advantage of pass holders


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Ocala, Florida — Over Memorial Day weekend, it was brought to my attention that Wild Waters might be taking advantage of park-goers.

In the past, when guests have purchased a season pass to either Wild Waters or Silver Springs — when it was still an attraction — it included parking.

Wild Waters’ policy now is that it sells a season pass for adults and kids for $55.99, or a day pass for $32.99 for adults and $27.99 for kids.


Then, on your next visit you must pay $4 dollars per person. That’s right, per person, not per carload.

This fee has nothing to do with Silver Springs State Park and its admission, which is per carload, as Wild Waters has claimed.

Essentially, a family who invests their money so they can have something to do for the summer close to home is getting robbed.

People have to buy food and drinks at the park, which is understandable, as the park needs to make money. I can even see maybe charging a small fee per carload. But per person?

A family of 4 would cost $16 per day. If they wanted to come only on weekends, that would be $32 for the weekend, and $128 a month, in addition to the initial cost of each person’s season pass. That is horrible.

For reference, Busch Gardens charges daily parking for season ticket holders per carload if you buy the fun pass. However, if you buy the annual pass parking is included.

Wild Waters stated that the State Park makes them pay $4 dollars per person, so they have to collect it each time so it does not come out of Wild Waters’ pockets.

I called Silver Springs Park and they told me that they have nothing to do with pricing or parking fees at Wild Waters.

The park won’t even allow you to bring in your own “noodles.” Guests are forced to purchase them inside the park at a cost of $24.

It is a shame that so many people fought to save the park and then they do this.

Come on Wild Waters, this is a small community, give the season ticket holders a break.

Sandra St. Denis