The neighbor from hell: Residents believe woman attempted to burn her own home, blamed it on neighbor


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Ocala, Florida — Neighbors of a man who is accused of trying to burn down his next door neighbor’s house say they believe [he] is innocent.

On December 14, 2016, at approximately 6:36 a.m., the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 8900 block of Southeast 88th Lane in reference to a fire.

The alleged victim, identified as Phyllis Mulkey, told responding deputies that she witnessed her neighbor, Larry D. Miller, 46, walk on to her property with something in his hand that was on fire.


Mulkey alleges that she saw Miller throw the burning object onto the roof of her home and then run away.

Mulkey stated that when she went outside to investigate, she found her yard on fire and extinguished it.

Deputies determined that the fire was from a melted bottle that had been filled with kerosene. The cloth that was in the bottle had melted to the roof and damaged the shingles.

Deputies reported that Miller had allegedly thrown a Molotov cocktail, but when the bottle hit the roof the cloth was dislodged. The bottle then apparently rolled off the roof and onto the ground.

Deputies made contact with Miller, who stated that he had been sleeping at the time of the incident. Miller denied any knowledge of the alleged arson.

After the story was published, Ocala Post received numerous e-mails from residents, defending Miller.

Neighboring residents say Mulkey has a history of harassment in the neighborhood. One neighbor described her as “bat sh*t crazy”.

A review of state records show that Mulkey does have a history of harassment, and seemingly demonstrates paranoid behavior. She has filed numerous restraining orders on multiple individuals, all of which were denied by a judge.

The injunction Mulkey filed against Miller was dismissed.

There have also been restraining orders filed against Mulkey.

Neighbors say Mulkey has the “someone is always out to get her” mentality.

Arrests records show Mulkey has been arrested for Welfare Fraud, Grand Theft, Exploitation of the Elderly, Writing Worthless Checks, and various other crimes.

Neighbors say they are convinced that Mulkey is responsible for a recent shooting in the neighborhood in which a house was allegedly shot six times.

Mulkey has also been accused of pointing a knife at a 6-year-old child who ran into her yard to retrieve his ball.

Miller’s Neighbors said Mulkey is the neighbor that everyone would hate to have. Neighbors said Mulkey is dangerous and they feel she should be behind bars.

Based on Mulkey’s word, Miller was arrested and charged with Arson.

The State Attorney’s Office told Ocala Post that they have not made a decision on the case and are still in the process of reviewing it.