Summerfield man arrested, shot pet pig in face multiple times because it squealed

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Samuel Villanueva

A Summerfield man, identified as Samuel Villanueva, 27, was arrested after he shot a 600lb pig in the face several times.

The owner of the pig told authorities that Villanueva was the new owner of the property and the two had an agreement that her pig could stay on the property as long as she kept it fed.

The woman said she went to feed her pig on December 11, and when she arrived, Villanueva was covered in blood. When she asked to see the pig, Villanueva told her to leave.

The woman then called the police.

When authorities asked about the whereabouts of the pig, Villanueva smiled and said it was gone.

Initially, when asked about all the blood near the pigpen, Villanueva lied and stated that the pig had cut itself on a wire. However, when the pig was later discovered in the back of a trailer he confessed to shooting it.

He told authorities he shot it because the pig always squealed too much in the mornings.

Villanueva was charged with Torturing-Mutilating-Killing an Animal. Additionally, he was charged with Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft of a Bee Colony.

He was released from jail on a $5,000 bond.

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