School Teacher And Tennis Coach Randy Majors Arrested



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Randy Majors [Mugshot]
Fruita, Colorado — Teacher Randy Majors, 58, of Fruita was arrested after a parent that was going through her 16 year-old daughters Facebook account found private messages between her daughter and Majors.

Majors is also a tennis coach.

Majors is accused of asking female students to send him topless and nude photos of themselves.

According to reports, the messages from Majors to the 16-year-old were sent in October. One of the messages read, “will you send me nude photos of yourself and not tell anyone.”

When Majors was confronted by police he admitted he had asked several girls for nude photos. Majors also allowed police to seize his computer. After searching the computer police found several conversations with various female students between 15 to 17 years-of-age. Police also discovered nude photos of current and former female students as well as female athletes from the tennis team.

Randy Majors has been teaching in Mesa county since 1994.

Majors has not yet been dismissed from his position as a school teacher, according to the school district. According to reports, the school district is launching its own investigation into the allegations. A spokeswoman for the school said if they find the allegations are true, Majors will be dismissed at that time.

Majors is facing three counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Child and five counts of Attempted Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

Majors is due back in court on January, 10, 2014.

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