Roommates Buy Couch From Thrift Store And Find Hidden Surprise


new york, money in couch

New York — When three roommates in New York needed a couch for their apartment, they decided to be frugal and buy one from the local thrift store.

When they got the old couch home they decided to remove the covers from cushions and wash them. What they found inside the cushions was like winning the lottery.


Tucked inside the cushion covers they found $41,000 in cash. They jumped around and screamed so loud, the neighbors actually thought they had won the lottery. However that excitement was short lived when they found an envelope with a name on it.

The roommates tracked down the woman and called her. When one of the roommates told her they had found a couch, she knew exactly what couch he was referring too. The roommate said the woman told him she had been stashing money in the couch for years and when her husband died, a family member that didn’t know about the money donated the couch. The roommates said the elderly woman told them the money was literally her life savings.

The three roommates gladly returned the money to the elderly lady, but not before snapping a few photos of themselves counting the money.

The roommates say they do not have any regrets for returning the money.