More Rain Adds To Denver Colorado Flooding



Helicopters, rescue workers, EMT’s, rushing water, and other officials will be the scene in Denver Colorado for weeks to come.

The flood that has hit Colorado is causing damage in mass proportions. Water moving at such high speeds, and with such great force that it has knocked houses over in the matter of seconds.

As the death toll rises, so does the water level, as the rain keeps pounding Colorado residents.


Boulder County is doubling the number of rescue workers today in an effort to try and locate 172 people that have yet to be accounted for, authorities told Denver Post.

Mandatory evacuations were issued on both banks of the South Platte River in Morgan County, the towns of Orchard, Goodrich, Weldona, Longmont, Muir Springs, Denver, Larimer County, Boulder, and the list goes on.

As floodwater overwhelms municipal sanitation plants, officials have imposed ever-increasing limitations on water use. Residents that are still in their homes, have been asked to stop using the shower, minimize flushing toilets, washing dishes , and running washing machines. Portable toilets are being distributed to residents that can be reached.

Seven helicopters are continuing rescue trips in Larimer County, evacuating 1,200 people stranded in Pinewood Springs between Lyons and Estes Park along U.S. 36, and 100 people in Big Elk Meadow off Larimer County Road 47.

In Boulder, teams continued their search.

“There might be further loss of life,” Sheriff Joe Pelle said in a news conference Saturday. “It’s certainly a high probability…With an army of folks and an air show we’re hoping to reach everyone as soon as possible.” He went on to say, “It’s a sinking feeling, not knowing if you can save them all.”

By the end of the day, officials are hoping to have at least 15 helicopters assisting in search and rescue missions in Boulder and surrounding areas.

Rescue workers and other officials, say they know it’s dangerous and safety is a concern, but they will continue to search for every missing or stranded person they can.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to residents in Colorado.