Police Departments Accused Of Covering Up Hate Crimes

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Murderers Mugshots

Two police departments are being accused of covering up black on white hate crimes in order to avoid media coverage. One incident was witnessed the other was caught on video.

On August 12, 2013 police in Memphis arrested three black suspects of which multiple witnesses identified. Dondre Johnson, 19, Mario Patterson, 23, and Jerrica Norfleet, 23, murdered 27-year-old white male David Santucci.

Santucci was walking home after attending a birthday party when the three suspects drove up. Two of the suspects exited the vehicle and shot Santucci from 10 feet away. Santucci was hit with a single 9mm bullet through the heart. The suspects jumped back into their car and drove off according to several eye witnesses.

The Memphis Police Department arrested the three suspects 13 minutes after the murder occurred using the description from the multiple witnesses. Police wrote the report as a “robbery gone bad” but according to witnesses the three did not attempt to rob Santucci. There was no evidence to support a robbery. In fact, all of Santucci’s personal items were still on him after the police searched his body, not even his wallet or cell phone was taken, according to reports.


Santucci’s family said,”calling this a robbery gone bad is absurd and we are not buying it.” adding “This was clearly a hate crime.” The family says they tracked one of the murderers, Mario Patterson, through Facebook and what they found was completely undeniable evidence that Santucci’s murder was in fact a hate crime. Santucci’s family stated that the page indicated the trio were out for revenge for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The Facebook page contained several images of Trayvon Martin as well. The Family said the Facebook page of murderer Mario Patterson was mysteriously taken down after the family informed authorities of the discovery.

The residents in the area are calling it a cover-up and want action taken just as action was taken for Trayvon Martin. Unlike Trayvon who had been in trouble and had photos circulating of him with guns and drugs, Santucci had never committed any crimes or been in trouble with the law, according to his family. His life was taken senselessly, said residents of Memphis.

Ocala Post reached out to the Memphis Police Department via e-mail however they have not yet responded.

A separate incident in Baltimore, inside the little town Little Italy is just as disturbing.

A man who wishes not to have his name or face disclosed because he fears for his life was beaten by a mob of more than 10 black males. An incident which was all caught on camera.

In the video you can clearly see the victim trying to get away but every time he gets up he is beaten down again. The thugs are run off after the victim enters a local bar asking for help and patrons run out scaring off the thugs.

The police in Baltimore just like Memphis are also calling it a “robbery” however residents are not convinced. After all , the video speaks for itself. At no point during the video does it appear the mob is trying to rob the victim. It merely appears that they are enjoying beating him senseless, one resident said. Had the victim not gotten away, residents say the mob would have killed him. The mob did take the victims phone because it was dropped during the beating. Hardly a robbery residents say adding the mob were cowards for terrorizing the victim.

Little Italy is short on police presence giving thugs the perfect opportunity to create havoc in the neighborhood.

Residents of Little Italy are now taking matters into their own hands because of the lack of police presence. The community is now hiring a private security firm to protect the neighborhood. It has not yet been confirmed if the guards will be armed however residents say they prefer the guards to carry weapons just as the police do. The arming of the guards is still in talks within the community but many say they will most likely be armed.

Three of the suspects are reported to be juveniles and will be charged as adults for their participation in the crime. The victim sustained injuries that constituted the police to charge them as adults.

Residents of Little Italy pride themselves on being the safest neighborhood in Baltimore and they intend to keep it that way no matter what they have to do to keep the criminals out.

We also reached out to the Baltimore Police Department via e-mail however we have not yet received a response.


What are your thoughts? Do you think the community is wrong for taking action?


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