One teen dead, one in critical condition following car crash


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Vehicle driven by Codey Benoit [Deceased]
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Codey Benoit [Deceased]
Summerfield, Florida — One of the two brothers that was critically injured in an accident over the weekend has died.

According to FHP spokeswoman, Sergeant Tracy Hisler-Pace, Codey Benoit, 18, a Belleview High School student, died at Ocala Regional Medical Center at 4:33 a.m. Monday.

Codey’s brother, Travis Benoit, 14, remains in the pediatric intensive care unit at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando. As a result of the crash, Travis sustained multiple fractures to his arms and legs, and both of his lungs were punctured.


According to the FHP, Codey was traveling westbound in a 2002 blue Nissan Sentra on Southeast 135th Street when he steered in a southwesterly direction across the eastbound lane onto the south grass shoulder east of Southeast 51st Avenue. The vehicle’s left front and left rear tires traveled onto the south grass shoulder while its right front and right rear tires maintained its position in the eastbound lane on Southeast 135th Street.

Codey’s vehicle then traveled across Southeast 51st Avenue in a westbound direction while its left and front rear tires remained on the south grass shoulder.

The vehicle then traveled across a paved driveway, colliding with some furniture that had been placed out for trash pick-up, with its front end.

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Benoit brothers crash, summerfield news, ocala news, crash, car accident
Vehicle driven by Codey Benoit [Deceased] (Photo by Fire Rescue)
According to reports, the vehicle continued to travel in a westbound direction on the south grass shoulder and then traveled over several paved driveways while its left front and left rear tires remained on the grass shoulder followed by the vehicles right front and right rear tires.

Codey’s vehicle then traveled in a southwesterly direction on the south grass shoulder where its front-end struck a metal culvert. At that point, the vehicle became airborne and struck a utility pole, which snapped in half. The utility pole then crushed a cable box.

The vehicle stayed airborne and passed over a 2005 Chevy Colorado pickup and a 2013 Chevy Equino SUV, which were parked. Debris from Codey’s vehicle struck both vehicles.

The vehicle was still airborne in a southwesterly direction when it struck a fence and a tree.

The vehicle flipped and came to its final rest in a driveway in the 4900 block of Southeast 135th Street.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.