Ocala teens charged with attempted murder of girl’s parents



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Ocala, Florida — On Sunday, March 9, 2014, Detective Peavy, with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Ocala Regional Medical Center after learning that a woman that had been transferred to the trauma unit, had been the victim of a brutal attack.

After the victims lengthy surgery on her neck and throat was completed, Detective Peavy conducted a taped interview with the victim with the use of a translator whom works at the hospital.


During the interview, the victim stated that she was awakened by her daughter, 13-year-old Yaquelin Don. The victim said that Don told her that she heard noises in the garage. The victims said she then got up and went to the sliding glass door and looked out into the dark, at which time she said she didn’t see anything.

The victim stated that her daughter insisted that the noises were coming from the garage.

The victim said she went to the garage, turned on the light and attempted to open the door. The victim said that when she tried to open the garage door it would not open all the way, at which time she looked down saw two sock covered feet under the door. As she went into the garage, 15-year-old Pedro Solis confronted her. The victim said she knew right away who it was because she has caught Solis with her daughter in the past.

Solis then told the victim that she needed to let her daughter (Don) be with him. The victim stated that Solis said, “I can take care of her and provide for her.” Solis then told her (the mother) that she should not have hit him with a stick the last time they met.

According to reports, Solis, in one quick motion, then reached up and slit the mother’s throat with a knife he was holding in his right hand.

The victim stated that she began losing a large amount of blood and she was trying to apply pressure with her hands to slow the bleeding.

Don’s father then called out to his daughter several times after hearing the commotion in the garage, at which time Solis went into the bedroom and put a knife to the fathers throat and said, “You want the same damn thing to happen to you?” The father said he told Solis that if he hurt his wife could [he] please take her to the hospital.

Solis then returned to the mother whom was fighting for her life. The mother stated that she then told Solis what she thought he wanted to hear because she was afraid he was going to let her die. She said she told Solis that he could be with Don if he would take her (the mother) to the hospital.

The mother stated that when Solis finally put her into a van and was transporting her to the hospital, he kept checking on her to make sure she was still alive. The mother stated that on the way to the hospital Solis told her that she had to promise him that she wouldn’t sue him for cutting her throat and that he could be with her daughter. The mother said she agreed to everything out of fear for her life.

The mother told Detective Peavy that Don was standing in the garage next to Solis the entire time, even when Solis cut her throat.

Detective Peavy interviewed Don and she said that she had only woke her mom up because she (Don) heard a noise coming from the garage. Don stated that when her mom went into the garage, the door shut behind her and she didn’t see anything until Solis was backing out of the garage taking her mom to the hospital. According to reports, Don told Detective Peavy that Solis returned to the house to get her mom’s identification and Solis asked her to ride with him back to the hospital. Don stated that on the way to the hospital Solis told her that he saw a black man in the garage hurting her mom.

Detective Peavy then made contact with Solis. Solis, at first, told Detective Peavy that he was only walking past the mother’s house when he heard screams. He said that he went into the garage and saw a black man in the garage fighting with the mother. Solis said he was only trying to help. Detective Peavy then said, “That cannot be correct due to the statements I obtained from the mother and father,” according to reports.

Solis then changed his story.

Solis told Detective Peavy that they had talked about killing Don’s parents so he and Don could be together. Solis told Detective Peavy that he and Don had talked about it over the phone and on Facebook. He said on March 8, 2014, he and Don talked about it day and night.

Solis said they made arrangements to meet at Don’s residence after her parents went to bed. Solis said as he approached the residence he notified Don and she came outside and met with him. Solis said at that time they again discussed how to “get rid” of her parents so he and Don could be together forever. Solis said Don then walked him in through the sliding glass door of her mom’s house. Solis said he didn’t have any shoes on because Don requested he take them off before entering the house.

Solis said, “As we made our way through the living room we passed through the kitchen, while going through the kitchen Don removed a sharp knife from a kitchen drawer and handed it to me.” Solis said Don told him to get into the garage and she would figure out a way to get her mom to come into the garage. The two then picked out a hiding spot for Solis so he could ambush Don’s mom.

Solis then admitted to having a conversation with the mother and “slicing her throat.” He also admitted to putting the knife to the fathers throat.

Detective Peavy then re-contacted Don, at which time she admitted to talking about killing her parents for approximately a week. Don confirmed the story that Solis had provided to Detective Peavy. When asked why she made Solis remove his shoes Don replied, “Because I didn’t want them to make any noise.”

Solis and Don were charged with two counts each of Conspiracy to Commit Murder and one count each of Attempted Murder in the Second Degree.

Both have been booked into the Marion County Juvenile Detention Facility and are being held without bond.