Ocala man, high on Molly, intended to stab brother to death

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Jabrell Coe

Ocala — Ocala police responded to 2018 SW 7th street after a witness called 911 and stated that Jabrell Coe, 27, had a knife and intended to stab his brother to death.

The witness told officers that Coe had been up for two days with no sleep while taking the drug Molly, the crystal or powder form of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N methylamphetamine), a chemical used in the street drug Ecstasy.

The witness told police that Coe had his brother cornered in a bedroom and told his brother that he was going to stab him.

According to the criminal complaint, Coe stated to the witness: “Leave the room because you don’t want to see the way he dies. I’m going to fill this motherf**ker with holes.”

While Coe had the knife pointed in the direction of his brother, the witness stated she began screaming at Coe and told him to leave his brother alone.

At that time, there was a knock at the front door and Coe ran from the room. The knock turned out to be police.

According to the police, they arrived just in time and observed Coe with the knife in his hand.

Coe was given orders to drop the knife, which he complied with, and was taken into custody.

Due to his behavior from the drugs, Coe was evaluated at a local hospital before being transported to the Marion County Jail.

He was charged with Domestic Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and released on a $5,000 bond.

Coe’s brother told police that he was not in fear of his life during the altercation.

According to state records, Coe has a lengthy, violent criminal record with multiple arrests for Aggravated Assault.


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