Mother Sonya Bremmer Jailed On Multiple Felony Charges



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Sonya Bremmer [Mugshot]
Reddick, Florida — In the early morning hours on January 5, 2013, Deputy Alan Lee assisted by Deputy John Lightle responded to the 6900 block of West Highway 316 at which point Deputy Lee made contact with a 16-year-old victim.

The victim told Deputy Lee that her and her mother Sonya Michelle Bremmer, 42, had been drinking. The victim told Deputy Lee that her mother (Bremmer) forces her (the victim) to drink be because she (the mother) does not like to drink alone, and she gets upset if she does.

The victim also said that her mom had been drinking all day and when she had picked her mom up around 8:30 p.m. she was already intoxicated.


According to reports, the victim was concerned for her own safety. The victim said her mom becomes very violent when she drinks heavily so she (the victim) invited a friend over to stay the night.

The victim said at some point her mom became very belligerent toward her and her friend so they retreated to a back room in an attempt to avoid any problems. Shortly after, Bremmer followed.

According to reports, Bremmer became infuriated at her daughter for trying to avoid her and began to yell and curse. Bremmer then pushed her daughter (victim) into a wall and struck her in the face with an open backhand. The victims dog then jumped on Bremmer and bit her in the stomach ripping her shirt.

The victim stated that after the dog bit her mom, her rage escalated. The victim then exited the room in an attempt to go outside and remove herself and the dog from the situation. Bremmer then tried to lock the victim out of the house.

A short time later the victim made her way back into the house, at which time Bremmer again pushed the victim up against the wall, but this time the victim pushed back, and yelled stop. Bremmer then punched the victim in the face, busting her lower lip, according to reports. After being punched in the face, the victim tried to retrieve ice from the freezer which is a bottom freezer fridge. While the victim was bent over getting the ice, Bremmer kicked the freezer door shut causing the victim to fall and hit the left side of her face on a drawer in the kitchen.

According to Deputy Lee, the victim did have noticeable injuries to her face and mouth.

Deputy Lee interviewed the witness (friend) in the house who corroborated the victim’s story. Deputy Lee noted that he also made contact with Bremmer’s boyfriend who stated that Bremmer did in fact give the victim shots of liquor.

According to reports, Bremmer was extremely intoxicated and her statements were not clear. However, reports indicate that Bremmer lied about hitting the victim, and says she did not give her alcohol; although she admitted to knowing the victim was drinking with her.

Reports also show that Bremmer did have a laceration on her belly consistent with being bit by a dog. Bremmer told Deputy Lee that the dog attacked for no reason.

Bremmer was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail.

Derrick with The Department of Children and Families was notified as was Crisis Intervention, and photos were taken of the victims injuries.

The victim was released into her grandmothers custody after medics examined the victim.

Bremmer has a prior arrest in Brevard County for DUI and a previous conviction in Marion County for Battery.

Bremmer is charged with Felony Child Abuse, Felony Battery, Felony Violation of Probation, and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.