Medical marijuana; meeting coming to Belleview, Fruitland Park, & Lady Lake



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Cannabis has been widely used as a medicinal agent in medicine with the earliest evidence in ancient Chinese practice dating back to 2700 BC. Over time, the use of medical cannabis has been increasingly adopted by Western medicine and is thus a rapidly emerging field that all physicians need to be aware of. Most are not. Several randomized controlled trials have shown a significant and dose-dependent relationship between neuropathic pain relief and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the principal psychoactive component of cannabis. Despite this, barriers exist to use from both the patient perspective (cost, addiction, social stigma, lack of understanding regarding safe administration) and the physician perspective (credibility, criminality, clinical evidence, patient addiction, and policy from the governing medical colleges).

Woodstock Medicinal Doctors will guide you to an improved overall health and well-being. Nature merges with Medical Science.


The vast majority of Florida marijuana certification doctors have completed an online, hour-long course, period. Now, that should strike you as being a little funny and a little dangerous. Why? Because Florida Medicinal Marijuana Patients may be treated by physicians deficient in understanding the science, relevance, and importance of this ancient medicinal. Would you want your sore throat, your child’s inner ear infection, chest pain, or the like treated by a physician whose expertise came from a one to two-hour online course? Certainly not!

The Physicians of Woodstock Medicinal Doctors have experienced Medicinal Physicians. They have treated thousands of patients in other states and have brought their craft to the Sunshine State. We hope to surpass those numbers, within the next few months, in Central Florida. Our practice is transparent, friendly, confidential, affordable and we strive for and guarantee your satisfaction with our care and treatment. Most importantly we are affordable – we beat all others’ price. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and show you how we may improve many debilitating and painful conditions.

Dr. Andrew Fox, MD., FACS, MBA