Marsh Rabbit Run Trail at Circle B Bar Reserve, closed

Ocala Post/File Photo

Tabitha Biehl, Environmental Lands Stewardship Coordinator announced that Polk County’s Environmental Lands program has now closed all of Marsh Rabbit Run Trail at Circle B Bar Reserve.

A portion of the trail was closed last month for safety reasons due to an alligator nesting season. But due to a newly discovered nest along the trail, all of Marsh Rabbit Run Trail is now closed until further notice. Alligators often become territorial and protective of their nests and young during this time of year. A portion of Alligator Alley also remains closed.

Polk County Parks and Natural Resources Division staff will monitor the situation and reopen the trail when it is determined to be safe for visitors.

Circle B Bar Reserve is a 1,267-acre Polk County and Southwest Florida Water Management District Environmental Land site located on the northwest shores of Lake Hancock.