Marion Oaks man arrested, struck woman and three children

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Mackonenn Greenland

Marion Oaks — Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Doody, and his trainee, Deputy O’Leary, responded to a Marion Oaks home in reference to a battery.

Corporal Doody met with a female victim who stated that Mackonenn Greenland, 30, had beaten her three children with a phone charger.

When the female told Greenland that she was going to call the police, he tackled her to the ground, took her cell phone, and began fighting with her. Greenland was on the front porch when the mother confronted him.

The mother screamed for help and a witness came to her aid.


Greenland then jumped up, threw the cell phone, and fled the area.

The witness told deputies that Greenland was on top of the victim, fighting her.

According to reports, the three children were playing on a bed, and when they fell off, Greenland became angry and struck the children with a phone charger.

Corporal Doody noted that the children had fresh, visible welts consistent with being hit with a phone charger cord.

The next day, Corporal Doody made contact with the victim, who stated that Greenland had returned to the residence. Corporal Doody then responded to the residence and made contact with the suspect.

Greenland stated, “I’m not going down without a fight. The cops are gonna’ to have to shoot me.”

Greenland was also in possession of a knife.

At that time, all there were three children inside the home with Greenalnd.

Corporal Doody called for backup, and after several attempts, Greenland finally exited the residence.

He was arrested and charged with Cruelty Toward a Child-Aggravated Child Abuse (x3), Domestic Battery, and Obstructing Justice-Intimidating, Threatening a Victim or Witness.

Greenland is being held on a $5,000 bond.

He has a Previous arrest for Failure to Pay Child Support.