Man Points Bow And Arrow At A Deputy


Richard Hummel Points Bow at deputy
Richard Hummel [Mugshot]
Marion County, Florida — On September 7, 2013, Deputy Writer responded to a call at 15545 NE 148 Ter. Rd. in Ft McCoy, after Richard Hummel , 53, dialed 911.

Hummel told 911 dispatchers that he was having thoughts of suicide and would like to be taken to the Centers for help.

Deputy Writer arrived at the home shortly after the call came in. Upon arriving, deputy Writer observed Hummel sitting on the front porch. After spotting the Deputy, Hummel stood up and retreated into his house closing the door behind him.



Deputy Writer approached the front door and made multiple attempts to try and get Hummel to come to the door with no response. Writer, at that point decided to go around to the back of the home in an attempt to make contact with the subject.

Writer could in fact see Hummel through the window in the back door and Writer motioned for Hummel as well as called his name in an attempt to get him to answer the door. Hummel, at that time retreated further into the home out of the site of officer Writer.

Writer attempted to call the phone inside the residence and continued to yell through the window with no response from Hummel.

Additional units arrived on the scene in order to assist Writer.

After several hours of failed attempts to make contact with Hummel, Sergeant Padgett saw Hummel through a back window of the home pick up a bow and arrow, and pace around the inside of the house with it.

Hummel then walked out the back door of the residence and made contact with deputy Willis. Deputy Willis instructed Hummel several times to drop the bow and arrow and talk to them.

In a thoughtless move by Hummel, he raised the bow, pointed it at Willis and said , “You have two seconds to get off my property.”

Hummel drew the bow back in the firing position at which time deputy Swarbrick fired a non-lethal bean bag round striking Hummel. Hummel then turned and deputy Swarbrick fired another bean bag round causing him to drop the bow and arrow.

Hummel retreated inside his home and deputies at that time arrested him.

Hummel was treated for his non-lethal injuries and during his treatment by medics he said, “I never meant to shoot the deputy, I just wanted to scare him.”

Hummel was transported to the Marion County jail where he is being held on a $5,000 bond.

He is being charged with Assault or Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, EMT, ETC.