Local neurologist arrested

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Dr. Alfredo L. Jacome, MD

Ocala, Florida — Ocala police arrived at a residence to assist a female regain entry into her home, and instead, arrested a local neurologist after he battered the female victim while he was heavily intoxicated.

The victim told police that Dr. Alfredo Luis Jacome, 51, threw her and the children out of the house they had shared with him for the past four years.

According to reports, the officer made contact with Jacome via cell phone and confirmed that the female lived at the residence. The officer also verified the address on the victim’s driver’s license.

Jacome told police that he did not want the female to enter the home, but the officer told him he did not have the right to keep her out. Therefore, the victim found an open window, entered the home, and removed her belongings.


After exiting the residence, the victim told police Jacome was an alcoholic and had been abusive to her.

The victim was able to produce a cell phone video that showed Jacome screaming and yelling at her. In the video, Jacome became enraged over the recording, knocked the cell phone from her hand, and grabbed her by the throat and choked her.

Police reported that the victim had visible bruising around her neck and on her arms, consistent with being grabbed.

The mother refused to sign the Domestic Violence Injunction. She stated, “I do not want him arrested because he is a sick man and is an alcoholic.”

The police officer told her that she didn’t have a choice, and that it was not his decision (the officer’s) to make.

At that point, the victim refused to cooperate any further and told the officer that she no longer needed his assistance.

Jacome was arrested and charged with Battery-Domestic Violence.

He has previous arrests for Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, DUI (X2), and Simple Battery-Dating Violence.

He was released on a $500.00 bond.