Landlord who broke into tenant’s house found dead


Ocala, Florida — Loraine Dawn Snyder, 73, was arrested on March 12 after gaining entry to a tenants home without permission.

Snyder was renting the home to a man who had let his girlfriend move in.

Following her arrest, Snyder stated that she was initially okay with the girlfriend moving in, but later changed her mind.


After changing her mind about the girlfriend, Snyder went to the home and knocked on the door several times. When no one answered, she entered the home through an unlocked window.

According to reports, Snyder attempted to drag the girlfriend out of the house and an altercation ensued.

Snyder was later arrested then was presumed missing after she failed to appear for her court date on March 18.

She was declared missing on March 20. Her body was found on March 21 from an apparent suicide.