Investigators; drunken details unclear in Forest stabbing


stabbing in forest

Silver Springs, Florida — On June 27, 2014, shortly after 10 p.m., a 911 call came in from an individual whom stated that he had stabbed two intruders on NE 172 Avenue, Silver Springs.

Upon arriving on the scene, deputies made contact with two victims – one male, one female – who were heavily intoxicated, according to reports. The female could not give clear details of what happened because her speech was slurred and she was having trouble remembering details due to having just drank a pint of vodka.


During the investigation it was learned that the male victim had been drinking with two other individuals when a verbal dispute erupted.

According to reports, at some point during the argument the two individuals “pulled their knives out.” The victim told deputies in self defense, he pulled out his knife and stabbed both men as they were fighting with him.

The victim stated that after he stabbed the two men they fled the scene.

Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies along with Marion County Fire Rescue responded to the scene, however after the caller refused medical treatment MCFR returned to their station.

At approximately 10:45 p.m., Marion County Fire Rescue’s East Forest Station received a knock at the door; when they answered, they found two individuals that had been stabbed.

According to reports, both stabbing victims were also heavily intoxicated.

The men stated that they were at the victims house drinking and when they decided to leave, they tried to take some beers with them. That’s when the two men say the argument began.

According to deputies, the two men allege that the victim attacked them with a knife.

According to reports, the victim is an amputee with one leg. Reports noted it is highly unlikely that the victim attacked the two men.

During the investigation is was determined that the incident was not related to a home invasion. The incident was purely alcohol fueled, according to reports.

Due to all parties being heavily intoxicated, no one could supply deputies with an accurate description of what actually happened at the residence. Therefore, no charges have been filed at this time and the names of those involved are not being released.

The two men were transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center where they were treated for their injuries.

The investigation is ongoing.

Check back for future updates.

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