Happy ending: Missing woman found alive after employees report suspicious noises

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Diane Mcinnis

Citrus County — Following a week of exhaustive searches, including the use of K9s, air support, and volunteer search parties, Diane Mcinnis was found alive in the early morning hours of April 16th, 2020.

While performing a routine traffic stop in front of the Homosassa Walmart, Sergeant Callahan was approached by two Walmart employees who described hearing strange noises coming from the wooded area behind the store.

After clearing his stop, Sergeant Callahan began inspecting the area when he heard the faint sounds of a woman’s voice. Callahan found Diane Mcinnis in a five-foot ravine and immediately came to her aid while calling for emergency medical services. EMS evaluated Ms. Mcinnis on the scene, and she was later transported to a local medical facility.

“Our citizens are amazing and if not for these two employees following their instincts and reporting suspicious noises, this case would have ended much differently,” said Sheriff Mike Prendergast. “I could not be more proud of the deputies, detectives, and volunteers who spent hundreds of cumulative hours searching for Ms. Mcinnis.”


Mcinnis was reported missing to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office on April 7, 2020, after last being seen at approximately 10 p.m. on the night of April 6 at her residence.

The CCSO said they also extend their gratitude to Sergeant Callahan, whose actions served as a shining example of service above self.

“Together, our community saved Ms. Diane Mcinnis’s life,” said Prendergast.