Griggs Beat Woman & Head Butted Deputy



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Timothy Griggs

Ocala, Florida — On December 17, 2013, Deputies Bloom and Sapp responded to the 6400 block of SE 36th Avenue, Ocala, Florida in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival in the neighborhood, Deputy Bloom was flagged down by the victim as she was walking in the street. She was crying and stated that the defendant later identified as, Timothy David Griggs, 26, had “beat her up” and had left the house on foot.

The victim was bleeding from her nose and had obvious swelling and discoloration around the bridge of her nose, according to Deputy Bloom.

The victim also told Deputy Bloom that Griggs had snatched her phone from her and slammed it on the ground, however it was not made clear if Griggs did it to keep her from dialing 911.


According to reports, the victim told Deputy Bloom that she and Griggs have been together for “a long time” and live together with their children.

Deputy Bloom then took the victim to his car and returned to her residence which was about a block away. Deputy Bloom noted that the children were still in the house.

As Deputy Bloom proceeded down the hall to check on the welfare of the children, he observed Griggs laying in bed with his eyes closed pretending to be asleep, however Deputy Bloom noted he was breathing heavily as if he had just been running.

Not realizing he had returned, the victim saw Griggs, screamed in fear and ran the other direction.

According to reports, Griggs was heavily intoxicated and was advised that deputies were there investigating a domestic battery. Griggs was then placed under arrest and placed in the back of the patrol car.

By this time, reports say paramedics had responded and were attending to the victim.

While Griggs was in the backseat of the patrol car he began violently striking the side window cage with his head. Deputy Sapp opened the door in an attempt to keep Griggs from damaging the vehicle or injuring himself. Deputy Sapp stated that after he opened the door Griggs began trying to exit the vehicle. Deputy Sapp said he moved to the rear passenger side of the patrol car in an attempt to pull Griggs back inside the vehicle while Deputy Bloom remained at the rear driver side door blocking the defendant from exiting. Deputies say Griggs then kicked the door and Bloom’s left knee while simultaneously striking Deputy Sapp’s head with his own head in an explosive move to try to exit the vehicle. The head butt to Deputy Sapp was so hard, it sent him to the ground, according to reports.

Deputy Sapp’s right shoulder was also injured while trying to secure Griggs in the patrol car.

Griggs was eventually restrained using handcuffs and ankle restraints.

Griggs was charged with Felony Domestic Battery, Resisting Arrest with Violence, and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer. Griggs is being held on a $10,000 bond.

Arrest records show Griggs has been arrested four other times with charges of Armed Burglary, Grand Theft, Battery, Resisting an Officer, and has violated probation multiple times.

The extent of the deputies injuries are not known at this time.