Google smugly announces attack on Parler after President Trump announced intent to join the social network


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It is now abundantly clear that Freedom of Speech is under attack as big tech further moves to censor anyone who does not conform to their ideologies.

Self-proclaimed socialist and Google CEO, Pichai Sundararajan, has removed the social media platform Parler from its Play Store and the company was smug about the announcement.

The move comes after President Donald Trump announced that he would be joining the Parler social network.


Google says it removed the APP because it felt Parler’s members were posting articles that could be considered violent in nature. Google says they believe that some of the posts could incite violence.

Consequently, Parler is owned and operated by conservatives who support freedom of speech and not censorship. The company is in no way affiliated with Google, yet, Google is attempting to dictate how the company should operate its moderation process.

According to Google executives, Parler lacks moderation policies that would prohibit “violence-inciting content.”

However, the company said [that] is a completely false narrative being spearheaded by Google.

Parler has a strict set of community guidelines that read in part:

“We do not curate your feed; we do not pretend to be qualified to do so. We believe only you are qualified to curate your feed, and so we give you the tools you need to do it yourself. To that end, Parler offers a number of features—including the ability to mute or block other members, or to mute or block all comments containing terms of the member’s choice—and we encourage you to use these tools whenever the content you would rather not encounter here, is not otherwise addressed by what follows. At Parler, we’re committed to continuous improvement toward fulfilling our mission. Accordingly, these Guidelines are subject to modification, unilaterally by Parler, at any time.

Principle #1:

Parler will not knowingly allow itself to be used as a tool for crime, civil torts, or other unlawful acts. We will remove reported member content that a reasonable and objective observer would believe constitutes or shows evidence of such activity. We may also remove the accounts of members who use our platform in this way.”

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Parler does not pretend to operate as a publisher, instead, it operates within the guidelines of section 230.

President Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and other senators were seeking to file proceedings that would remove the section 230 protections from both Facebook and Twitter, which is most likely why the tech giants are retaliating.

In addition to Google, Apple said they plan to remove the Parler APP within the next 24 hours.

Attorneys say it is clear that google removed the APP for malicious reasons because Parler is the biggest enemy to Facebook and Twitter…Parler is their competition.

Ironically, Goggle and Apple both allow the Chinese-owned company, NewsBreak, or NewsBreakApp, on their APP stores. NewsBreak has also deleted the accounts of multiple conservative news sites and deleted hundreds of articles.

Attorneys said that the Chinese-owned company has been assisting in controlling the narrative in the United States as they do in China. The media in China is state-run media. This is just as dangerous as law enforcement run media.

It is not clear if Parler plans to move forward with legal action.

This is something that every red-blooded American should be concerned with.