Girl Found In Trunk After Amber Alert


GIRL FOUND INSIDE OF TRUNK AFTER AMBER ALERTMIAMI – Miami-Dade Police cancelled the statewide Amber Alert On August 26, 2013 after a 5 year old girl, believed to have been abducted, was found safe.

It was like a scene from the movie “The Call.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued the alert after receiving information that a young girl was seen in the trunk of a car on a Miami street.

Miami-Dade Police say “a witness was behind a car at the intersection of Bird Road and 57th Avenue and saw what they believed to be a 5 year old girl in the trunk that was cracked open. The description was of a of a 2013 Grey Chevrolet Impala. The driver reportedly got out of the car and slammed the trunk completely closed prior to taking off.”


The Florida tag number, 106LYT, traced back to a rental car company and the renter is identified as Hernan Daza-Novellino. The co-renter of the car is identified as Anna Rita Di Frances Cantonio.

It is unknown if Di Frances Cantonio was in the car at the time of the suspected kidnapping.

The witness did an incredible job of describing the girl considering she only saw the girl for a brief moment.

Police have not released any detailed information, but say the young girl was unharmed. Police are questioning the two adults she was found with.