Florida restaurant owners replacing servers who refuse to work with robots


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Florida — For months, restaurants have struggled to hire reliable employees since the onset of COVID-19 and government handouts.

Now, restaurant owners have the answer and it is not one you may like.

What is the answer? Robots! You read correctly, robots…or “COBOT.”


Restaurant owners in Boca Raton, Florida say they are fed up with workers not showing up for work. They say they are suffering staff shortages when it comes to greeters and servers.

So, restaurant owners have introduced “Bella” the robot. A concept, which started in Japan, can now be seen at the Eat District along with several other eateries in Boca Raton.

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robot servers, ocala news, bella the robot

According to Louis Grayson, the operator of several eateries in Palm Beach County, the robots can seat people, take their orders, and bring them their food. Additionally, he says that the robots can even sing happy birthday.

When guests have finished eating, the robot will even bring the dirty dishes to the dishwasher.

Restaurant owners say this is the future and that they do not have to worry about employees calling in sick or simply not showing up for a shift.

According to the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, the robots allow business owners to cut down on labor costs and are far more reliable.

Robots being used in the Netherlands.