Ex-Military Police Officer Michael Boyce Killed His Pregnant Wife



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Michael Boyce [Mugshot]
Orlando, Florida — On Thursday November 14, 2013, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence located at 4524 Nikki Court in Orlando, after someone reported a gun shot.

When deputies arrived at the address they observed a pregnant black female, who was identified as Alexis Boyce, sitting in a chair inside the living room area. She had a single gunshot wound to the head, according to deputies.

She was transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced deceased. Alexis was pregnant with twins.


The initial deputy on scene said that when he walked in the house, Alexis was sitting in a chair with her hands on her lap. The deputies made contact with the Alexis’ husband, Michael Boyce and her parents, Leon and Fannie Huntley, who were all inside the home at the time the shot was fired.

In a sworn written statement to deputies, Michael Boyce stated that his wife had previously been depressed.

Boyce, who is currently an armed security guard and was a military police officer for five years, told deputies that his wife had asked to see his security duty handgun. Boyce stated that he retrieved his Glock 9 mm from its black gun case and handed it to his wife.

According to deputies, Boyce stated the handgun did not have a round in the chamber, but says there was a loaded magazine in the firearm.

Boyce stated that he was sitting at the computer, which was located in the same room as his wife when he heard a gunshot. After hearing the gunshot he rushed over to his wife and noticed blood coming from her nose, according to deputies. Boyce told deputies that’s when he removed the handgun from her right hand.

Leon Huntley told deputies that when he and his wife heard the gunshot they immediately emerged from their bedroom. Leon stated that he observed Michael Boyce standing in the living room holding the gun in his hand. Leon said that he was eventually able to get Boyce to hand over the firearm, according to reports.

Michael Boyce was taken to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to be interviewed. According to reports, Deputy Willie Robinson and Detective Eric Debose conducted the interview with Michael Boyce.

Officials say Boyce was advised that he was not under arrest and was free to leave at anytime. During the interview Boyce stated that his wife had been depressed over money and said that she really didn’t want the children. Reports say that Boyce continued to insinuate that his wife committed suicide.

Boyce explained that his wife wanted to see his handgun and even though he knew she was depressed, he gave it to her. During the interview Boyce stated that his wife had committed suicide with the gun in her left hand, which according to deputies, contradicts what Boyce told the on-scene deputies.

Investigators say that Alexis Boyce was right handed, but the entrance wound of the gunshot was to the left side of her head and it appeared that Boyce was trying to account for the discrepancies in his story.

As Boyce continued to explain his account of events, he was confronted with the evidence from the scene, according to reports. Boyce eventually admitted to investigators that he was the one who shot Alexis Boyce in the head, but could not explain why he pointed the handgun and killed his wife, said investigators.

Michael Boyce was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder with a Firearm, and is being held without bond.

After Alexis Boyce was pronounced deceased, the medical personnel at Orlando Regional Medical Center attempted to save her unborn children. One of the children is in intensive care and the second was pronounced deceased.

Pending testimony from the medical doctor concerning the viability of the fetus, Michael Boyce may face an additional count of homicide, according to investigators.

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