Corrections officer arrested, attempted to poison inmate

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Qualesha Williams

A corrections officer arrested Saturday at Lowell Correctional Institution accused of trying to poison an inmate has been identified as Qualesha Quayshaun Williams, 28, of Ocala.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Williams was putting a “chemical compound, namely bleach” in food and drinks.

In one incident, Michael Green, an FDOC inspector, said that Williams had previously argued with the inmate and told her “I got something for you.”

Later, Williams sprayed a cup with bleach and told the inmate who was assisting with distributing the food trays that, “that one is special.”


The inmate could smell the bleach and reported it to other corrections officers and was ultimately given a new food tray.

In an email to Ocala Post, the FDOC wrote:

“FDC is moving forward with the immediate dismissal of Correctional Officer Qualesha Quayshaun Williams, who was assigned to Lowell Correctional Institution. Institution leadership, upon receiving the allegation, immediately contacted the FDC Office of Inspector General so a timely and thorough investigation could be performed.

The Florida Department of Corrections takes all allegations of abuse or mistreatment of inmates seriously and encourages all inmates and staff to promptly report inappropriate or illegal conduct. Inmates are afforded every opportunity to report misconduct without fear of retribution.

The OIG is responsible for ensuring all reports of misconduct are thoroughly investigated. Any employee found to have acted inappropriately or illegally faces disciplinary action up to and including dismissal and arrest. FDC has zero-tolerance for staff who act inappropriately and contrary to our core values: respect, integrity, courage, selfless service and compassion.”

According to reports, Williams did not seem to show any emotion in regards to her attempt to poison an inmate.

Instead, when confronted, Willaims was only worried about keeping her job.

Williams was released on a $25,000 bond.

The investigation is ongoing.