Coast Dental delivers an upsetting blow to employees over PTO


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Special to Ocala Post

Employees with Coast Dental say they could not believe their eyes when they received an email from Human Resources this week stating that employees could not use accrued Paid Time Off for family emergencies.

The email states, “As the COVID-19 virus travels the world, and affects our lives, we have come to the difficult decision that we will not be able to allow employees, including hygienists and doctors, to use accrued Paid Time Off (PTO). Effective [March 19, 2020], and for the foreseeable future, we will not pay PTO to employees who are absent due to vacation, illness, family obligations, and other possible absences. This may change as new laws are enacted to address the evolution of the COVID-19 situation.”


Employees said that they feel like since they put in the hours and earned the time that, they should be able to use PTO if an illness or family emergency were to arise.

Additionally, employees said they feel like the state would have to make a law protecting the employees since the company seems to imply in the email that they won’t allow PTO to be used unless a new law is put in place.

The office is closed this week and plans to take things day-by-day starting next week.

Coast Dental said they understand it may create a hardship, but hope to mitigate the measures as soon as they can.