Cat saves a boy from being killed by a dog


Bakersfield, California
— A family cat is being recognized as a hero after it saved a child from being mauled to death by a vicious dog.

The mom was in the front yard watering plants while her son was riding his bike when the neighbor’s dog was let out of its enclosure, what happened next will blow your mind.

After the dog gets out, it spots the boy, then runs around the truck and attacks. As seen in the video, the attack was unprovoked. The boy never saw the attack coming.

The dog clamped down on the boys leg and began to drag and shake him. That is when the boys cat came to the rescue.

Off camera the mom fought off the dog after it came back, while she was simultaneously trying to get the neighbors attention. Mom suffered bites as well.

Officers said had it been their own son, it would have been a call for shots fired. They said this situation could have turned out much worse had it not been for the cat.

According to reports, the dog will be euthanized.

The boy is expected to make full recovery.

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