CAPTURED: Suspects who killed corrections officers

Courtesy: Georgia Bureau of Investigations
Courtesy of Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Donnie Russell Rowe, and Ricky Dubose

According to Detective Sgt. Dan Goodwin of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 6 p.m., deputies spotted a vehicle wanted in a carjacking in Shelbyville, Tenn.

After deputies spotted the vehicle occupied by two suspects, they called for backup.

A chase then ensued on Interstate 24, and reached speeds in excess of 100 mph.

The two murder suspects, Donnie Russell Rowe and Ricky Dubose, who shot and killed two Georgia corrections Officers, fired shots at two deputies during the chase. The deputies were not harmed.


Shortly after the chase began, the vehicle crashed in a wooded area near Murfreesboro, Tenn. (Rutherford County).

According to authorities, the suspects went through a wooded area, but were captured a short time later at a home they were attempting to break into.

The two suspects were taken into custody moments later. Authorities said that the two suspects were not harmed.

The inmates escaped during transport on June 13.

Putnam County Georgia Sheriff Howard Sills said that the inmates overpowered the two armed corrections officers, removed their Glock 9 mm handguns from their holsters, and then shot them.

Rowe and Dubose then carjacked a passerby. They later “ditched” that car and stole a pickup truck.

According to Sills, the killers were captured in Rutherford County, which is approximately 250 miles from Madison, Georgia, where they had stolen the pickup truck. The two later “ditched” the truck in Moore County and stole a car. Sills said they then drove that car to a home in Bedford County, broke into the home, robbed an elderly couple, and stole their car.

Sills said that the cage on the bus must have been unlocked in order for the inmates to gain access to the corrections officers.

Sills described the two felons as “pure evil”.

“They do not have any respect for human life,” said Sills.

This is a developing story.