Brian Thomas Strangled His Wife Unconscious



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Brian William Thomas [Mugshot]
Ocala, Florida — On November 26, 2013 deputies responded to a call involving a domestic dispute.

While en-route, the victim advised that she was hiding from her husband in the garage.

The husband was later identified as Brian William Thomas, 46.


Upon arrival deputies made contact with the wife, who was still hiding within the garage. According to reports, the deputy noticed the wife’s cheek and neck were red. Her lip was also slightly swollen on the left side.

The wife stated that she and her husband had an argument which started after she told her husband that he does not do his part in helping with their business. The argument escalated over a period of time and turned physical when her husband struck her on the left side of her face.

Thomas then pinned her down on a recliner and began choking her. The wife stated that at one point while being choked, she lost consciousness.

The wife was eventually able to break free from her husband and that is when she fled to the garage.

According to reports, the wife told deputies that just prior to their arrival, her husband had come to the garage and said he was sorry and to not call the cops. She said when her husband saw law enforcement, he fled.

Medics responded to examine the victim by her request.

A K-9 unit was dispatched and Thomas was located hiding under a golf cart parked on the property.

In a post Miranda interview with Thomas, he advised that he and his wife had a heated verbal altercation. Thomas claims his wife was making provocative comments about his relationship with his mother. Thomas stated his wife was provoking him. Thomas admitted that he grabbed his wife by the collar of her shirt but did not do anything more. Then Thomas stated that he was afraid his wife called law enforcement but he was not hiding from deputies, he claims he was under the golf cart because he was going to sleep there for the night.

Thomas was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County jail without further incident.

Thomas was charged with Felony Battery by Strangulation.