Man arrested after getting girl pregnant



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Volusia County, Florida — A convicted sex offender is facing new charges in Volusia County after authorities discovered he was having sex with an underage girl.

An investigation began after a family member of the underage girl called the probation officer of Anthony Williams, 36, to report that the teenage girl was living with Williams and was also pregnant.


Williams was convicted of Sexual Battery back in 1994 in Duval County. He has been living in Deltona, at 1062 Gerona Avenue and was on probation for failing to comply with Florida sex offender laws.

According to reports, when Williams’ probation officer arrived at his residence to investigate the report, she observed Williams and the teenage girl lying in bed together. The probation officer then contacted the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators with the sheriff’s office, along with the probation officer, went to Williams’ house on October 16, 2013, but Williams was not home. According to the sheriff’s office, the probation officer then sent a message to Williams’ GPS device advising him to return to his residence.

When Williams returned home, investigators entered the residence and observed a girl inside who appeared to be around six to seven months pregnant. During an interview, Williams and the girl, who was only 17-years-old, informed authorities that she had been living at the residence and that Williams was also the father of her unborn child.

Williams was charged with Sexual Activity with a Minor and booked into the Volusia County Jail.

According to reports, Andrea Nanni, 42, also of Deltona, was charged with Child Neglect after investigators determined she was aware of the sexual relationship between Williams and the girl. She also knew Williams was a sex offender, but allowed the teen to live with him.

The relationship between Nanni and the 17-year-old girl has not been released by authorities.

Nanni was later charged with a second count of Child Neglect for allowing a 12-year-old boy to spend the night with Williams.

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