Amber Alert Was A Misunderstanding


Miami —The bone chilling Amber Alert that went on Monday afternoon turned out to be a huge misunderstanding according to Miami, Dade Police.”The girl is safe and sound”, police said.

Cell phones across Florida were alerted by the new Wireless Emergency System around 3 p.m. Monday after police were informed by a witness that a young girl was in the trunk of a car, the witness could see her because the trunk was cracked open. The witness told police the driver got out of the car and slammed the trunk closed then drove off.

People were horrified, sending out mass Tweets and Facebook messages about the little girl, thinking the worst.

Police are thankful that it turned out to be a misunderstanding.


Police say this is what actually happened:

The father was traveling with his little girl on 57th avenue and 40th Street when the little girl opened the flap on the back seat to the trunk causing her water bottle to roll into the trunk. When they came to a stop light the father pulled the trunk latch to get out and get the water bottle for his daughter. When he opened the trunk the witness could see the little girl reaching out for the water bottle making it appear as if she were in the trunk. The father closed the trunk, returned to his vehicle, and drove off therefore prompting the Good Samaritan to take down the tag number and call 911.

Police Said, “The person who reported what she thought was something suspicious did exactly what she should have done,” said Miami-Dade police spokesman Detective Roy Rutland.

This incident proves that the new Wireless Emergency System works and the system was taken serious by the public.